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An outpatient hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure used to examine the inside of the uterus (the womb) using a thin, lighted tube called a hysteroscope. This procedure is typically performed as a day case and the patient can usually go home the same day.

During the procedure, the hysteroscope is inserted through the vagina and cervix into the uterus. It allows the doctor to visually inspect the uterine cavity and the openings of the fallopian tubes. The hysteroscope may also have channels for inserting small surgical instruments, which can be used to perform various treatments if necessary, such as removing polyps, fibroids, or adhesions, or taking tissue samples (biopsies) for further examination.

Outpatient hysteroscopy is often used to investigate and diagnose various gynaecological conditions, such as abnormal uterine bleeding, recurrent miscarriages, infertility, or suspected uterine abnormalities. It is usually performed under local anaesthesia, although some patients may receive sedation to help them relax during the procedure.

After the procedure, patients are usually able to go home relatively quickly and can resume normal activities within a day or two. Some mild cramping or spotting may occur for a short time after the procedure, but these symptoms typically resolve on their own.

Recovery process

Recovery after an outpatient hysteroscopy is typically relatively quick and straightforward for most women. Here's what you can generally expect during the recovery period:

  1. Immediate post-procedure period: After the hysteroscopy, you may spend some time in a recovery area where medical staff will monitor you for any immediate post-procedure effects. You may experience mild cramping or discomfort, but this can often be managed with over-the-counter pain medication like ibuprofen.
  2. Going home: Once you're deemed stable, you'll be able to go home, usually within a few hours after the procedure. It's important to arrange for someone to drive you home if you've had sedation, as you may feel drowsy or groggy.
  3. Rest and recovery at home: Once you're home, plan to take it easy for the remainder of the day. Resting and avoiding strenuous activities can help minimize any discomfort or bleeding. It's also a good idea to have someone available to help you with tasks if needed.
  4. Managing discomfort: It's normal to experience some mild cramping and spotting or light bleeding for a few days after the procedure. Over-the-counter pain relievers can help manage any discomfort, and your doctor may also recommend using a heating pad or taking warm baths to help ease cramping.
  5. Returning to normal activities: Most women can resume normal activities within a day or two after the procedure. However, you may be advised to avoid heavy lifting, strenuous exercise, or sexual intercourse for a short period to allow your body to heal fully. Your doctor will provide specific instructions based on your individual situation.
  6. Follow-up appointment: Your doctor will typically schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss the findings of the hysteroscopy, review any biopsy results if taken, and ensure that you're healing properly.
  7. Monitoring for complications: While complications after outpatient hysteroscopy are rare, it's essential to be aware of any signs of infection (such as fever, severe abdominal pain, or abnormal vaginal discharge) and to contact your doctor if you experience any concerning symptoms during the recovery period.


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