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Sexual Health & Well-being
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If you are concerned about having a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) or you just want to have a check up before starting a new relationship, we can help you. We offer discreet and confidential, same day appointments. We can test for all STI’s and all internal examinations and swabs are carried out by a female consultant gynaecologist. If you require any treatment, our doctor can provide you support, advice and treatment on the day you receive your results.

Sexual health also encompasses ways to revamp your intimate life. We offer medically approved treatments to enhance sexual pleasure, all delivered by an experienced female consultant gynaecologist.

"Exceptional care and compassion.
Professional, outstanding level of commitment, empathy and knowledge. Quite exceptional. and Laura - you are a shining star amongst stars. Thank you all. You made a difficult day a day to reflect on the beauty of mankind at its best."

Virginia Kuzmicki

Absolutely amazing experience! Dr Hina is very knowledgeable, competent and understanding – but mainly, empathetic and listening. The appointment with her ended my months-long odyssey to understand my postpartum issues.


10/10 experience. Brilliant team at GynaeDoctors. Professional & Experienced. Female gynaecologist team that listens and understands. Will never go anywhere else now.


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It's free and easy to book with no need to speak to a receptionist.