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Gynaedoctors provide and specialise in a range of treatments for your body that are designed to refresh as well as revitalise.

We provide expert medical advice and treatments based on your condition or your specific desire, with tailored surgical and non-surgical options available that will leave you with a refreshed mind and body.

Dr Hina Pathak Sra


Dr Hina is trained in the UK, having graduated from St John’s College, University of Oxford and Imperial College London and completed her medical training in major London NHS Hospitals.

UK's Leading Female Health Expert

Dr Hina has 16 years of experience and expertise in her field. Dr Hina has been cited in articles in the Guardian and in published books. She is also the Key Opinion Leader for the Femilift machine by Alma Lasers.

In modern society, women have access to a variety of healthcare options and can make informed decisions about their health and well-being. This includes access to birth control, prenatal care, reproductive health services, and cancer screenings. Women also have the right to choose whether or not to have children, and have access to safe and legal abortion services. Dr Hina believes it is important to continue advocating for women's health rights and to ensure that all women have access to the resources they need to make informed decisions about their health. Dr Hina’s main aim is to make sure all women are treated with empathy and respect and their health decisions and medical care is Dr Hina’s upmost priority.

Our Team

Women healthcare providers bring a unique perspective and expertise to women’s healthcare.

Women are more culturally sensitive and aware of the specific needs and concerns of female patients, which leads to better patient outcomes and satisfaction. We are proud to have an all female team at GynaeDoctors to make sure that all our patients feel comfortable discussing intimate and personal health issues.

We are empathetic and understanding towards women’s health concerns and experiences. GynaeDoctors is a welcoming and supportive environment for women seeking excellent healthcare.

UK's Leading Female Health Expert

Our Clinic

GynaeDoctors is a Gynaecology clinic offering high quality and discreet healthcare services for women of all age groups. We have highly trained female staff, who work alongside our female Consultant Gynaecologist. We are committed to provide patient centered care and strive to make each patient fell comfortable and heard.

We look forward to helping you in your healthcare journey. You can just call us for a quick chat or book an appointment to come visit us in Clinic, we are here to support and assist you.

121 Crawford Street, London

"Exceptional care and compassion.
Professional, outstanding level of commitment, empathy and knowledge. Quite exceptional. and Laura - you are a shining star amongst stars. Thank you all. You made a difficult day a day to reflect on the beauty of mankind at its best."

Virginia Kuzmicki

Absolutely amazing experience! Dr Hina is very knowledgeable, competent and understanding – but mainly, empathetic and listening. The appointment with her ended my months-long odyssey to understand my postpartum issues.


10/10 experience. Brilliant team at GynaeDoctors. Professional & Experienced. Female gynaecologist team that listens and understands. Will never go anywhere else now.


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